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Here is a calculator with some advantages! 

(2.1 MB)

Here is another calculator with some advantages and a slide show. 

(4.3 MB)

The both calculators can be custom designed exactly as you want to! The text and images can be replaced with your logotype etc. but you can also get your own functions and constants implemented in the source code.

Here is the mathematic- and art program FunkArt.

The download file is a zip-file containing the program file DemoArtUK314-13-01-15.exe, a file with the serial number and a setUpFile. 

The program can not be run without typing in the serial number. The Demo program is valid until 2013-01-15

Is this something for you? Tell us!

Download the file DemoFunkUK1.zip (19 MB)
Download setupfiles SetUpMath

Type the password you have got to download the full version of the program FunkArt and hit the Enter key. (You can guess the pwd but the program doesn't work without an approved serial number)

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